Past Shoemaker Lectures

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The inaugural Shoemaker Lecture was presented on April 3, 1992 by B. R. Brown, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Consolidation Coal Company. The list of previous speakers are listed below.

  • 2018: Michael C. Murphy, Chief Engineer - Surface Mining & Technology, Caterpillar Inc. - "Digital and Automation - The Step Change in Safety and Productivity for Mining"
  • 2017: Aidan Davy, Chief Operating Officer, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) - "The Global Context of Mining: the evolution from mining licence to social licence to social contract"
  • 2016: J. Thomas Hill, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vulcan Materials Company: "Aggregate Mining - You Can't Live Without Us"
  • 2015: Corale L. Brierley, Vice President of the National Academy of Engineering and Principal/President of Brierley Consultancy LLC: "Hydrometallurgy’s Global Role In Future Mine Production and Remediation"
  • 2014: Edward (Ted) L. Doheny II, President & Chief Executive Officer, Joy Global Inc.: "Our Vision for Mining’s Future”
  • 2013: William A. Fustos, Former Chief Operating Officer at East Resources: “The Marcellus Shale: Economic Boom for Pennsylvania, Energy Security for the U.S.”
  • 2012: David P. Russ, Regional Executive for the Northeast, U.S. Geological Survey: “Marcellus Shale Gas: Issues and Opportunities”
  • 2011: John Howard, Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: “When Economics and Health Clash: The Future Extractive Industries Workforce”
  • 2010: Frederick D. Palmer, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Peabody Energy: "Unlocking Coal's Potential for World Energy Solutions"
  • 2009: Richard T. O'Brien, President and CEO, Newmont Mining Corporation:"Managing for Value in the Current Precious Metals Environment"
  • 2008: J. Brett Harvey, President and Chief Executive Officer of CONSOL Energy Inc: "Reclaiming the High Ground on Safety"
  • 2007: Steven B. Hinchman, Senior Vice-President, Worldwide Production, Marathon Oil Corporation: "The Global Energy Landscape - A Point of View"
  • 2006: Sam E. Jonah, Non-Executive President, AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.: "Mining Investment in Africa: Opportunities, Prospects and Challenges"
  • 2005: Barbara Filas, President, Knight Piésold and Co.: "Sustainabliity: The Human Component of Natural Resource Development"
  • 2004: David A. Lauriski, Assistant Secretary of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor: "Creating a Culture of Compliance"
  • 2003: Stanley C. Suboleski, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Massey Energy Corporation: "Tales of Two Coals"
  • 2002: Richard M. Whiting, President and Chief Operating Officer, Peabody Energy: "Coal - The Energy Constant"
  • 2001: Thomas J. O'Neil, President and Chief Operating Officer at Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc.: "Lessons Learned in Mining or Why Mining Isn't Anywhere Near 'Dead'"
  • 2000: Thomas V. Falkie, Chairman of the Board, Berwind Natural Resources Corporation: "An Assessment of the Mining Industry at the Turn of the Century"
  • 1999: Richard L. Lawson, President, National Mining Association: "Climate and Other Changes: Politics, Policy, Technology and Mining"
  • 1998: E. Linn Draper, Jr., Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Electric Power: "The New Age of Electric Energy"
  • 1997: John T. Ryan III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mine Safety Appliances Company: "Business in the 90's: A Contrarian View"
  • 1996: Milton H. Ward, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Cyprus Amax Minerals Company: "Mining in the Twenty-First Century - Who, How and Where?"
  • 1995: H. Douglas Dahl, President and Chief Operating Officer, Drummond Company, Inc.: "Labor, Management, Productivity, and Coal: A Cocktail for 2000?"
  • 1994: Jay S. Pifer, President, West Penn Power Company: "Is Coal's Crown Tarnished"
  • 1993: Victor G. Beghini, Vice Chairman-Marathon Group, USX Corporation and President, Marathon Oil Company: "Energy and Public Policy - Servant or Master?"
  • 1992: B. R. Brown, Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Consolidation Coal Company: "The Quality Challenge"