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Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Office Address: 
GTWT 400(G)
PDF icon Curriculum Vitae (122.5 KB)
  • Natural convection cooling applications and optimization
  • Nuclear and alternative energy improvement
  • Optical-based fluid and heat measurement development
  • Hydrodynamics and model validation
  • Ph.D. - Utah State University, 2014
  • M.S. - Utah State University, 2012
  • B.S. - Utah State University, 2010
John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering


Jeff Harris is an Assistant Research Professor at Penn State University's Applied Research Laboratory. He received a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Utah State University working with the Department of Energy on validation experiments for a high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor design. He has also done experimental work with industry and government sponsors in the fields of alternative and nuclear energy. He has participated in work developing an optical experimental technique to measure turbulent fluid flow in reduced optical-access scenarios. His work has covered a broad range of projects and topics including: next-gen nuclear power, alternative energy sources, computation fluid dynamics and simulation validation, turbulence characterization and model validation, optical measurement technique development for flow field measurements, large-scale natural convection, evaporative cooling applications, matched-index-of-refraction tests for nuclear power applications, high speed imaging, and particle image velocimetry.

Recent Activities: 
  • Development of Particle Shadow Velocimetry
  • Large-scale natural convection test program to validate industrial designs
  • Volumetric characterization of turbulent flow fields and limitations on the measurement technique
  • Turbulence model validation tests
  • Truong, C., Hinkle, S., Harris, J., Krane, M., Sinding, K., Jefferies, R., Camp, T., Fontaine, A. “Multiplane Particle Shadow Velocimetry to Quantify Integral Length Scales.” Experiments in Fluids, 2018 59: 73
  • Lance, B., Harris, J., Smith, B. “Experimental Validation Data for CFD of Mixed Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate.” J. of V, V, & UQ 1 (2) 021005, 2016.
  • Harris, J., Lance, B., Smith, B. “Experimental Validation Data for CFD of Forced Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate.” J. of Fluids Engineering 2015; 138(1):011401-011401-14, 2015.