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EMS Energy Institute
The EMS Energy Institute at Penn State is a leading research and development organization focused on energy science and engineering. The institute is located within the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and is one of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment. 

Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI)
EESI is one of the nation’s leading institutes in earth and environmental sciences research. EESI's diverse and world-renowned faculty members are engaged in interdisciplinary, innovative, and collaborative research on some of the most compelling problems and issues of our time.

Institute for Cyber Science
The Institute for CyberScience is one of five interdisciplinary research institues within Penn State's Office of the Vice President for Research. ICS brings researchers together to develop and apply innovative, high performance computation methods. 

Institute for Natural Gas Research (INGaR)
The goal of INGaR is to build a new research, development, and education collaboration among students, faculty, and external partners for economic growth and transition to low-carbon energy supply through unconventional oil and gas.

Institutes of Energy and the Environment
The Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) is one of seven interdisciplinary research institutes at Penn State. With more than 500 extraordinary faculty, staff, and students advancing the energy and environmental research missions of the University, IEE works to build teams of researchers from different disciplines to see how new partnerships and new ways of thinking can solve some of the world’s most difficult energy and environmental challenges.