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Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

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The Penn State RESS program presented by the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering and delivered online by Penn State World Campus, provides a world-class interdisciplinary education to empower professionals in diverse fields to lead the transformation of the world's energy economy to a sustainable basis of operation.

Master of Professional Students in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (32 credits)
This program emphasizes the developmetn of project management skills in the fields of sustainable development, policy, and renewable energy technoliges and markets.

RESS programs deliver world class, interdisciplinary education to professionals in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability that empowers them to lead the transformation of our nation’s economy to a renewable, sustainable basis of operation. Our programs are designed to meet critical needs in the nation’s economy and enhance the academic standing of the university.

RESS programs are designed for part-time adult learners and are delivered via an interactive-online learning network that allows students to actively learn while remaining in their current employment and location. Programs prepare students to assume advanced roles and leadership responsibilities within their respective organizations as project and program developers, implementers, policy analysts, etc. RESS programs prepare students to excel in a wide variety of commercial and industrial occupations. Analysis of US Department of Labor projections suggests that the need for trained professionals in Renewable Energy and Sustainability fields is growing quickly in the United States!

RESS programs will enable students to:

  • Gain advanced technical expertise in their respected areas for sustainable biorenewable resources,
  • Understand Renewable Energy and Sustainability in the context of the national and global economy,
  • Lead the transformation of the economy to renewable and sustainable bases, and
  • Develop projects and programs that innovatively implement programs and projects that are truly sustainable.

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