Petitions and Requests for Exceptions

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Where can I get a petition form and who needs to sign it?

There are two types of petition forms: those for general education and those for major requirements.

Petition forms for general education can be found in the Ryan Family Student Center in 14 Deike and should be completed with an RFSC adviser.

Petition forms for major requirements can be found in 115 Hosler or downloaded at the link below. Your faculty adviser and the program chair for your major will need to sign the form giving you approval. After you have the form completed with all signatures, turn it in to Jenna Eldreth in 115 Hosler.

Download the Petition form.

How can I tell if my petition has been processed?

If your petition has been processed, you will see the petitioned class counting for the requirement on your degree audit.

Can I fill out a petition form for a class I haven’t completed yet?

You can get the signatures on a petition form for a course that you haven’t yet earned a grade in, but it is preferred that you do not turn a major requirements form in to 115 Hosler until the class is completed. The exception is if you are petitioning a class you are taking in your last semester before graduation. In that case, you should turn in the form in the first few weeks of your last semester.

I already attempted (got an unsatisfactory grade or late dropped) a class three times, but I need to complete it for my major. What do I do?

You will need to complete a Request for a Fourth Attempt form. You can get this form from Alisha Simon (EBF or ENVSE majors) or Amy Johnson (PNGE, ENENG, or MNGE majors) or from the RFSC in 14 Deike. To request a fourth attempt, you must meet with a RFSC adviser or Alisha Simon (EBF or ENVSE majors) or Amy Johnson (PNGE, ENENG, or MNGE majors) at least three business days before the start of the semester in which you want to take the course.  During this meeting, you will need to discuss why your previous attempts were unsuccessful and specifically how you plan to approach the fourth attempt differently. Approval for a fourth attempt at a course is not guaranteed.

Who do I talk to if I want to do a Faculty Senate petition?

Martha Traverse in the Ryan Family Student Center in 14 Deike handles the Faculty Senate petition process for all College of EMS students. More information is available at

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