Marjorie Robinson

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  • EMS Degrees: B.S., Environmental Systems Engineering (2018)
  • Hometown: Reading, PA
  • Fun Fact About Me: test

More About Me

I can sum up EMS in three words: environment, community, and pursuit.

If I could do one thing with my career, I would do what I can to aid in the fight against climate change.

Of all of Penn State’s activities, I would have to recommend the different lecture series. I think it’s important to see the relationship between your major and other topics in order to get a more holistic understanding of your field.

To unwind, I like to read or go to the gym.

So far, my favorite class at PSU was Geography: Human Environment Systems. Not only did it tie together several of the other courses I’d taken as an undergrad, but it showed the intricacies of the crucial relationship between humans and the environment.

The faculty and staff of EMS are the best part of being a student in the college. They want nothing but to ensure that their students get the best resources and opportunities.

When my headphones are on, I’m probably listening to Florence and the Machine.

Choosing Penn State was an easy decision for me because I immediately knew it was a place that would allow me to grow due to perks like research opportunities and a vast alumni network.

Marjorie Robinson