More About Me

One of the best classes I've taken at Penn State was GEOSCI 483: Environmental Geophysics, in which we spent half the semester conducting field surveys at Shaver's Creek.

When I graduate, I hope to become an experimental geophysicist.

Every student should get involved with different EMS organizations, like THON and Relay for Life. They give students many opportunities to branch out and diversify their college portfolios, in addition to meeting great faculty.

I came to Penn State for its educational reputation, the Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate program in the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, and the diversity of the student body.

Let me describe the College of EMS to you in three words: family, opportunity, academics

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, looking at fossils, and knitting.

My experiences and classes at Penn State have taught me that having an interest in the courses that I'm taking is far more important than just the final grade that I receive.

My role model in life is my mom because she sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings for us to be successful.