Using LionPATH

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How do I declare my major?

The Update Academics function in LionPATH is used to declare or change your major. A tutorial on Update Academics is available at

You need to meet all entrance-to-major (ETM) requirements in order to declare your major. ETM requirements for students admitted to Penn State Spring 2018 or earlier can be found at; requirements for students admitted to Penn State Summer 2018 or later are located on the page for the major in the University Bulletin ( If you have questions about the ETM requirements for your major, see Alisha Simon (EBF, ENVSE, or MNGE majors) or Amy Johnson (PNGE or ENENG majors).

How do I add or remove a minor?

Students can add or remove minors using Update Academics. A tutorial is available at

How do I run a degree audit or a what-if report?

Degree audits and what-if reports are run through LionPATH. The link below is a tutorial on how to run each report. If you are still in pre-major status, you would need to run a what-if report. You can also use a what-if report if you are thinking about switching to a different major or declaring a minor to see how the classes you have already taken would count toward that. If you have declared the major that you plan to do, you would run a degree audit. LionPATH refers to a degree audit as academic requirements report.

If you want to print your degree audit/what-if report, first click the button to open it as a PDF. You may need to turn off the pop-up blocker on your browser before the PDF will open.